September 05, 2010

Zak Reel's review! 'Dragon Ball Kai'

What can I say about 'Dragon Ball Z'? 'Dragon Ball Z' has a special place in my heart with childhood memories from 'Toonami', when I heard about 'Dragon Ball Kai' about last year, I was happy. I was wondering when they were going to dub the series into english, which they did. It's really cool that they actually did that. Another great thing about 'Dragon Ball Kai' coming to America, is that they put it on televison! OH THE NOSTALGIA! 'Dragon Ball Kai' is 'Dragon Ball Z' in which they cut all the filler crap and it follows straight with the manga.

Here is a review on 'Dragon Ball Kai' Part 1 on 'Blu-Ray'.

One thing that you'll notice when you put it in your Blu-Ray player is that the aspcet ratio is 4:3 instead of 16:9, this making it letter box instead of wide screen. There is a total of 13 episodes on 2 Blu-Ray discs. 'Dragon Ball Kai' is simply amazing, new animation inserts, new theme song and credits, simply a must buy for and 'Dragon Ball Z' fan! The voice acting is really good, they have replaced some of the original voice actors from Z, but the new ones fit right in perfectly. The way they edit the episodes is neatly done, they just go straight to the fighting and not that extra bull crap that they throw in. Instead of waiting 30 episodes to fight Vegeta, 13 episodes (dammit). Well, this is the basic low down on how it is.

Rating 4.9/5
4.9 for the 4:3 ratio.

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