September 05, 2010

Zak Reel's Film Review: Troll 2

Troll 2 is the mother of all bad films. So if you don't like movies that are "So bad they're good!" then I don't really reccomend this film to you.

The film starts out with this average American family (Mother, Father, Sister, Little brother). They are going to switch houses and vaction at Nilbog, so they go to stay there. The beginning takes place in which his Grandpa is reading Joshua a bed time story, then he was "hilucinating" and he thought he saw his dead Grandpa. Then his sister's boyfriend appears and comes through her window, and asks her if they want to go on a trip. She tells him and his friends that are all of a sudden at her window that she is going to Nilbog with her family. So they go to Nilbog, on there way there, Joshua has a dream about him being a goblin. They finally arrive, and they get to the house they are vacationing, and they are treated to some freaky ass people, then they leave so they decide to check out the house. When they check out the house, they see a bunch of food on the table. But then "OH NO" because ghost Grandpa appears and says "It's bad food Joshua, don't let them eat it!" So the kid stands up on the table (Because ghost Grandpa stopped time so he could make them not eat it.) and takes a piss on all over the food.

I am not going to give you the full plot, but it sucks ass. Horrible acting, horrible script, and HORRID effects (The goblins look like something you made in kindergarten.). But this movie, is really hilarious, if you want to have a good time with some friends, get Troll 2, and laugh your guy's ass off!

Final verdict. So bad it's good, 4/5


  1. Hey Zak, u got spell check? don't ignore it "hilucinating; give me a brake (sic) (look it up)
    killer review, crank it up a notch!

  2. I am sorry for not using spell check. I never ever use spell check, oh well. Going to next time, ha ha.