October 02, 2010

Topaz Review of Mountain Dew Throwback

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Ahhh, Mountain Dew, nectar of the gods. With such a distinct flavor, and loveable marketing campaign, how can you go wrong? Mountain Dew throwback is the original formula used when it was first graced upon this earth. It holds up perfectly today, and even better than original Dew. It may not see as much advertising, but it is incredible. The bottle says 'LIMITED TIME' on it, but I doubt that, as it has been on shelves for quite some time now. The main reason to pick it up is that it uses sugar instead of corn syrup, making for better flavor. Sugar used to be cheap enough to use in soda regularly, but as the price of sugar went up and the price of corn went down, the inevitable happened. Now, our only gateway to the past is Throwback.

The only other 'Throwback' drinks to enjoy are Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper. However, Dr. Pepper is not owned by PepsiCo. and therefore is separate from the 'Throwback' franchise, but is using the same concept of using the original formula.

For side-by-side comparison of the nutritional info of regular and throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew, click HERE

The formula from sixty-two years ago isn't much different from the present formula. The flavor has the same overall feel, with a few minor differences. First off, the flavor is more pronounced and bold, becuase there is no corn syrup to mask it. If you taste current "Mtn Dew" and Throwback side by side, you will notice that corn syrup can change how a beverage tastes. Drinking throwback is a unique experience, as if you weren't alive to taste the original formula from 62 years ago, you now have a chance. When the Pepsi Corperation decided to release throwback versions of their drinks, they had a younger generation in mind. It's working, Pepsi!

It seems like the carbonation in Throwback is pretty much the same as the current formula. Again, it does seem a lot more bold, and this is becuase of the sugar. It's unfortunate that we will never know what the original carbonation was like, as it was definitley a lot different way back when. Pepsi can't replicate it because they upgraded their equipment that carbonates the beverage, using the newer equipment for the throwback drinks. It does it's job though, and it does it well. I'm just curious what it used to be like.

As you can see at the top of this post, the Packaging back in the 50s was simple, yet appealing to the eye. The smooth edges of the words "Mountain Dew" were easy to look at, and the cartoon 'hillbilly' was a nice play on words. I'm happy that they decided to use this art, rather than the Logo that was used in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as they did with 2009's Mountain Dew Throwback.

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This may feel more nostalgic for some, but might it might also feel a little monotonus, as it was the logo for thirty years. I have yet to see 2010's Throwback in a glass bottle, although I believe it exists. The original slogan for Mountain Dew in the 50s was "It'll tickle yore innards!" (Spelling of 'yore' intentional) Mountain Dew always had awesome marketing and bottle design, even from the very start.

Mountain Dew Throwback is a genious conception, and definitley made PepsiCo. a ton of money. For good reason too, as it is a quality product. No high-fructose corn syrup, only sugar. It makes for a bolder, and sweeter flavor that you can't beat. If you have a choice of buying either Mountain Dew Throwback or Mtn Dew, get Throwback. They really don't make it like they used to. Or wait.... I guess they do now.




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