December 13, 2010

Topaz Review of PEACE TEA Razzleberry

I had only learned of Peace Tea's existence about a month ago. I thought it was a cheap knockoff of Arizona, as they have already made themselves known as the "Tall can, cheap price" tea. This is NOT the case I am happy to report. In actuality, Peace Tea is very original, although the message isn't clear. The only thing really conveyed is "Peace, and natural ingredients." That's all. We never hear why or how Peace comes into the picture, but we are expected to go with it. Okay, sure. Why not?

One word. Sweet.
This Tea is so sweet that it could sweet the sweetness out of sugar. If that makes any sense. I can't taste any bitterness while taking a swig, not one tastebud can cipher the sugar overload. The weird thing is, it doesn't have that much sugar in it! Indeed, times are changing, as Peace Tea uses sugar and sucralose. The combination provides a hybrid of sorts, making sweet even sweeter. Oh yeah, the razzleberry is freaking good as well.

Peace Tea is very smooth. It has a feeling that reminds me of water after chewing mint gum, but without the mint flavor. It has a crisp, soft texture that cascades down the throat.
However, a thin film of tea matter is left on the inside of the mouth. This comes with any tea product, so I can't complain.
Overall very nice feeling. Cold, refreshing. Not sticky at all.

Can Art
Woah. The art on here is intense. Just take a look at it! Somehow I feel like it's some sort of propaganda, telling us to rebel against the government with our picket fences. Honestly, I really don't know what they're trying to tell us here. It's confusing.
The art style, on the other hand, is very bold. The black lines that outline the characters are large, and make them fun to look at.
Just woah.

I like the taste that Peace Tea has to offer, even if I'm confused as to what they mean by peace. Drink the kool-aid, but wear your tinfoil hats while you're at it.


Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice thanks for reviewing this and saying its good. I only dont like somthing untill somone likes it. Then i like it!

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