December 04, 2010


What a rush! Man this damn drink isn't playing around. I'm currently halfway through it, and let me tell you it lives up to the ENERGIZE name. Too bad I have to sit here and write about it instead of putting this energy to great use. I could be running a mile, or.... What am I saying!? That's the SoBe talking ladies and gentlemen. In reality, I'm pleasantly writing this review without a hiccup. On with the show...

Certainly citrus alone wont make the cut, now will it? Actually, yes. It will. Sort of. You see, the fruit in here is nothing but citrus; orange juice concentrate; lemon juice concentrate; cherry juice concentrate. But wait... That's not much of a citrus fruit now is it? Don't be fooled however, it's simply there to provide an inkling of subtle flavor. If you want the full-on cherry deal, you might want to check out SoBe Courage Cherry Sitrus. Enough of this tomfoolery, get on with it! Okay, okay.
A sip of SoBe ECE contains within it a multitude of potent aromas, as well as vicious citrus flavor. The orange is there, yes, and is complemented very well by the presence of lemon. You don't actually taste cherry flavor, but it does alter the concoction on a minuscule scale. If I were to describe the drink in one word, "Sweet" wouldn't be it. Instead, I would go for something along the lines of "Tangy," or "Zestful." (Which is a word, I might add.) Really, this beverage is obviously not meant to provide the sweetest experience around, hence the citrus ingredients and whatnot. What I'm trying to get across here is don't buy this looking for a sugary good time. Actually, I lied. Since SoBe ECE is sweetened, however lightly with sugar, the previous statement would, in actuality, be true.
80/100 - Delightful

How does it feel?
SoBe ECE has a rather interesting sticky feeling, which appropriately goes along well with the varying array of ingredients. In your mouth however, is solely a matter of opinion. If you enjoy the sensation of phleminess (Which isn't a word I'm afraid) in your mouth, go on your merry way. For the normal person I might suggest something to snack on whist drinking, so that the phlegm doesn't choke you or something.
On occasion, SoBe ECE would slightly burn the back of my throat. Now that is what I call a true citrus beverage extravaganza! If I can even classify one bottle of SoBe as an extravaganza. This only happened twice though, so there's absolutely no reason to be alarmed.
Going down the throat without a hitch, SoBe ECE feels smooth. It has that trademark electric feeling that citrus is famous for. Just dazzling.
75/100 - Remarkable

Does the little bottle look pretty?
Why yes, of course. SoBe is known for being somewhat amazing in their marketing skills when it comes to packaging and design. SoBe ECE is definitely no exception.
Long ago, when the bottle was glass, and the text and pictures were printed directly on it, the design was limited. Since the bottles were glass, SoBe needed to save money on artwork, which was why there wasn't much on them. After a while, SoBe finally decided to switch to plastic, and as a result, the bottles are gratified with the most astounding illustrations. On this particular specimen, I spy a halved orange. No surprise here.. But wait! The circumference is spiked! Even though there is no reason for this, it certainly is a nice touch, and most definitely isn't as strange as the orange, slightly darker orange, green, and slightly lighter green highways that are sprouting from the side of the halved orange. They overlap, and criss-cross one another, and provide a youthful innocence to SoBe ECE. Oh, and of course, there are the obligatory lizards riddled about the art, which are colored correspondingly to the highways.
80/100 - Extravagant

Well, what do you think?
From an unbiased view, I say that SoBe ECE is a delightful energy crossover drink that supplies the desired pep that it was intended to.
From a biased view, I say that SoBe ECE is FREAKIN' AMAZING. But that's just my biased side speaking. (Rest assured that this entire review, excluding the previous sentence, is unbiased.)
If you want a citrus blast, along with a healthy amount of GUARANA and GINSING, this is one of the best beverages you can buy to satisfy those feelings of want. If you don't want it, well, you'd probably buy something else.
85/100 - Unicorn Nectar


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