December 03, 2010

Topaz Review of vitaminwater Spark

First off, I have to say that this is my first experience with this particular flavor of vitaminwater. I have tried many other flavors of the same product however, and know what to expect in terms of texture and such. When you boil it down, vitaminwater is all the same, excluding the flavor, which can be similar to other flavors in the same general spectrum. [Ex. Raspberry-Strawberry is very similar to Raspberry-Grape.] With this flavor, I was surprised to find that it was wildly different from any other vitaminwater I've had.

Honestly, who thought that combining the distinct, tart flavor of blueberries, and the naturally sweet grape taste would be a good idea? Not me. The two flavors crash horrendously, and together, create a repulsive taste that lingers in the mouth long after the sip was taken. Glacéau could have made it so good, if only they had done it right. It's not pleasant, not a bit. I guess it would be okay to say that this is an aquired taste, but I've yet to aquire it as I can barely force myself to drink one bottle. It oddly reminds me of a nasty old candy that I ate as a child, but don't let this convince you that is the reason for my negativity. Truely, I'm disappointed.

As if the taste wasn't bad enough. At first you're tricked into thinking, "Oh it's just another vitaminwater, not surprise here." But when you take your third sip, you start to feel a sickly-smooth sort of sensation, which leaves the feeling of soap bubbles lingering in your mouth long after you've finished the beverage. I suggest some actual water afterwards if you're so inclined to try this is the first place.

You know exactly what to expect from Glacéau when it comes to wrappers. Plain and simple, with a witty paragraph printed on the side. (I might add that it's printed upside-down on Spark.) The color of the wrapper usually matches the flavor of the drink. however neither blueberries nor grapes are neon blue. In fact, the color of the actual beverage is a weird pink, which also makes no sense. Glacéau, Glacéau. Oh why Glacéau?

Whatever you do, don't buy this beverage. In all three categories it fails, and will leave you wounded and defenceless. I wanted a fruity, refreshing drink, but instead I got a bitter, sickening abomination of artifical flavor and coloring. Failure, failure, failure.



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