November 24, 2010

Safeway Twelve Pack Sales


Two nights ago a took a trip to my nearest Vons, also known as Safeway. While I was there I happened across an ad that proclaimed "Buy 2 Twelve Packs of Soda, Get 3 Free!" As you may have guessed, I was giddy at the idea. The price of 2 Twelve packs was about $6.50.

The flavors I got were:
  1. Sunkist Solar Fusion
  2. Sierra Mist Natural Cranberry
  3. Diet Mug Rootbeer
  4. Diet Pepsi
  5. Diet Pepsi Cherry
The only reason I got the two diet Pepsi packs was the fact that I have family over for Thanksgiving, and that is what they like.

Stay tuned.

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