November 04, 2010

Topaz Review of Snapple Peach Green Tea

Snapple Peach Green Tea Official Site (clicky)

A good price, a good flavor, and a can that is easy on the eyes. The Snapple corporation certainly knows how to market their products, and it shows in Peach Green Tea. The main thing that enticed me to buy Peach Green Tea was the price. At only 79 cents, most of the time it's going to be the cheapest drink in the coolers. You get a good amount for your money too; the can holds 16 oz. of liquid. The design on the can is simplistic, yet passable, and doesn't bother me.

The first thing you notice about Peach Green Tea, is the peach flavor. It is very strong, and I can imagine it being overwhelming for some people. The Snapple Corp. absolutely packed this beverage with flavor, and it feels really bold in the mouth. Almost immediately after the peach flavor is experienced, you feel the familiar taste of green tea roll across the tongue. The blending of flavors could have been made more streamlined, and sometimes it feels like the peach overpowers the green tea. It's like drinking a drink that tastes like you're taking bites out of a peach, and only sipping green tea. If you like peaches, and I mean like peaches, this is for you.

You can sort of feel the tea particles, and whether or not this is a good thing is dependent on if you like pulp. It's a very very fine pulp though, and is hard to notice unless you drink Peach Green Tea non-stop. Other than that, it has the same texture as any other Snapple brand beverage, not too harsh, not too weak.

The can has a simple design on it near the top. It is not too bad looking, but it certainly could be better. Most of the can is green, with the only decoration near the title. The color scheme here is a good choice, with a tea-green endowing almost the whole can. The orange band around the top declares ".79 (suggested retail price) and is an attention catcher. Good marketing, and cheap too. They didn't really want to spend the time and effort on making the design on the can look beautiful, now did they?

Peach Green Tea is a cheap, moderately good tasting beverage that doesn't have any real glaring flaws. At Seventy-Nine cents, you definitely get what you pay for. It goes well with some potato chips, but only worth it if you have the extra change. Overall, I would give it a...

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