June 13, 2011

Topaz BONUS Review of Fentimans Dandelion Burdock

I've reviewed a Fentimans product before; Curiosity Cola. Read that Here.

This time around I've decided to try out another Fentimans Drink. This one is called "Dandelion Burdock." As always it is botanically brewed, and all-natural.

This is the only category I will touch on, as you can refer to my previous Fentimans review for the rest.
The first thing you think of when you taste Dandelion Burdock is "Black Licorice." It's very strong, which will please people who enjoy black licorice naturally. It has sort of a sting to it, probably caused by the minimal amount of alcohol. It's very bitter, which is a good thing for black licorice, and makes for an intense drinking experience. For people who don't enjoy black licorice, this isn't the drink for you. For people who do, go get this beverage, as it won't disappoint you.


June 12, 2011

Topaz Beverage Review of BUNDABERG Austrailian Root Beer, "Invert Bottle Before Opening."

Not My Picture - Yetl I got a different bottle type.

Who's up for another drink that comes in a glass bottle? *Raises Hand* "ME!" Alright then, today we have some Root Beer for you. I take the beverage and book it. Nobody is going to take this moment from me. Whew! I'm finally home. That was one wild situation I was in, but I made it out alive, and with new material! This time I'm reviewing some Aussie Root Beer, made by Bundaberg. I found this at DePalo & Sons in Shell Beach, a specialty drink store. This stuff is imported straight from Australia, but surprisingly doesn't cost too much. I'm not sure as to whether the beverage is actually brewed in Bundaberg, though.

If you're used to American Root Beer, you're going to be in for quite a shock. The flavor is radically different than what you would expect, although it retains the feel of Root Beer. The first thing you notice is that it's much sweeter, and sweeter sooner, than any other Root Beer. It lingers for a bit, then dissipates. There's a nuttiness, although it is faint. I've never tasted anything like it. I can see almost anyone enjoying this beverage, even people who don't normally like Root Beer.

The carbonation is very light in Bundaberg Root Beer, which puts a bit more emphasis on taste. As for the stickiness, I would put the level at about moderate; it doesn't cause any issues, but may linger in your mouth. I suggest crackers or something wheat based to get rid of it. Personally, it doesn't really bother me. It might bother some people though, so that's a minus.

The shape of the bottle is something you would see a long time ago, before long bottle necks could be created. The neck is relatively stubby, which allows the beverage to flow to your mouth much quicker. This cuts the "Anticipation" Time by about 60%! As for the sticker design, seeing how this beverage is Australian, there is the obligatory kangaroo. He looks to be hopping over mountains of some sort, or maybe those are just rocks. One thing I noticed was at the top of the bottle, there is a string of text that says, "Invert Bottle Before Opening." make of that what you will. The bottle is made of standard beer-glass, and has some "BUNDABERG" engravings on the concave.

I really enjoyed my time with Bundaberg Australian Root Beer, and I'm sure you will too; that is, if you can find it. It has an impressively unique taste, whilst retaining the original Root Beer feel. The carbonation is light, putting more emphasis on the taste. The bottle has a snub-nose design, which reduces the time it takes for the beverage to reach your skull. All together, you have a WINNING combination. Honestly, I believe that anyone can enjoy this.


June 10, 2011

Topaz Beverage Review of LENINADE

This soda does everything right, and more. I had never heard of Leninade before last night, and now that I got my hands on it, I'm really impressed. Leninade is a great concept for a drink, and whoever thought of it should be given a medal. There are a bunch of quotes on the bottle that make fun of Soviet propaganda, all of which I shall list here.

  • Join the Party!
  • A Party in Every Bottle!
  • Drink Comrade! Drink! It's This or the Gulag!
  • ленин лил, ленин льёт, ленин будет лить!
  • ленинаде (Leninade in Russian)
  • Get Hammered and Sickled!
  • Get Really Hammered and Sickled!
  • Surprisingly Satisfying Simple Soviet Style Soda
  • Misha, Chill Down This Bottle & Chill Out!
  • Our 5-Year Plan: Drink a bottle a day for five years and become a Hero of Socialist Flavor
  • Soviet Style Pry Off Cap
  • A Taste Worth Standing in Line For!

I freakin' love it.

June 05, 2011

Topaz Beverage Review of Dublin Dr Pepper

OLD DOC's (Currently Revamping site)

I was extremely lucky to be able to find a bottle of this at my local Powell's Candy Shoppe. They are produced in only one factory that's privately owned in Dublin, Texas. I will provide a few links to the official website above. When I saw the little guy sitting in the cooler, waiting for me, I flipped out. Instantaneously I whipped out $2.50 + CRV and bought the sucker. Let me tell you, this is the best investment I've made in a very long time.

The way that Dublin Dr Pepper tastes is beyond unreal. You think it's going to be something along the lines of the current Dr Pepper, but then your expectations are shattered when you realize that it's a million times better. As you take a sip, your mouth is greeted by the tenacious potency of the original formula for Dr Pepper from 1891. The flavor was inspired from the way an 1890's drugstore smelled, with all of the candy and whatnot. I can honestly say, with great enthusiasm, that I FEEL THAT. You really taste it as it rolls down your tongue, and into your throat, where it pleasantly lingers.

The carbonation feels a lot more natural than most of the stuff we get today, and is a lot more evenly spread, with smaller bubbles. It still packs the punch you're expecting, but delivers it in a more elegant fashion. It seems to be the strongest when you first take a sip, and slowly dissipates before it gets all the way to the stomach, which actually makes for a more pleasant experience. This also prevents a lot of burping. Very very very well done.


The design on the bottle is simple, something that you would expect to see back in the 1890's. Alongside that, you also get the bonus of a glass bottle, which would be all that was available in the 1890's. It's a very authentic feeling, and adds to the "Whimsy." An added bonus is that near the top, there is some text that says, "NO REFILL." This would be smart to do in the 1890's when bottled soft drinks were first coming out, to let people get used to the idea of a trashable drinking container. The 10, 4, and 2 in the bubbles on the bottle represent when the body needs a caffeine boost, and thus when you should have a Dr Pepper. This was one of the first soda marketing campaigns ever.

Final Thoughts
I feel so lucky to have been able to get a chance to taste this extremely well-made beverage. I really admire the private manufacturer's decision to use the original formula from 1891, as it lets the people of the future taste the past. Dr Pepper actually came before Coca-Cola, so this formula is the most authentic vintage soft-drink that you can get. If you can find it at a Powell's near you, do it. If not, order it online. It's worth it. Get a crate.
Do it.