September 17, 2010

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Fentimans Curiosity Cola has a very distinctive cola flavor. It interests you from beginning to end. As you drink it, you want more, just to see if it will taste as it did a moment ago. What the case usually is, is that it surprises you the entire time. Fentimans contains less than 0.5% alcohol, a product of the fermentation that takes place during brewing. This product is brewed in a very unique way. On the bottle it says “botanically brewed.” This basically means that Fentimans used herbs, yeast, and other natural ingredients to ferment it.

Fentimans hits you with a very unique flavor as soon as you take a swig. The fermentation process makes for such a natural, distinctive, incredible flavor. Many people may not be used to it but as you drink more, you realize that this is so much better than regular, over-processed cola. It has a slight bitter aftertaste due to the minuscule alcohol content, which could have grown annoying, if it was not for the moderately small amount of soda that you get. 9.3 ounces to be exact. This is definitely a good thing, or I think that I'd be getting buzzed from a soda drink.



Fentimans has no real unique texture, which comes as a surprise to me, considering the extravagant way it is brewed. To be honest, it is heavily overshadowed by the flavor, and I don't have much of a problem with this, as the flavor is very good. I was hoping for a little more umph, but that was compensated for by the flavor, which I might add, is very mood enhancing.



The glass bottle that Fentimans comes in is simple. As you may know by now, I like simple. It resembles a wild-west bottle of beer, which makes me feel like I'm drinking the past. Like I'm drinking a primitive, yet amazing version of cola, as it first came to be. The bottle has 'BOTANICALLY' and 'BREWED' engraved near the curve. Nice touch.


I had a good time with Fentimans Curiosity Cola, and I must admit that I was VERY curious as to what it would be like. I am happy to say that it is a wonderful experience overall, and right now after drinking it, I feel a lot more relaxed. Again, this probably leads back to the alcohol content, even though it contains such a small amount. (0.5%, Lol, I'm such a lightweight) The taste is unique, the bottle is full of wildness, and I really want to try Fentimans other flavors. These include Ginger Beer, and Victorian Lemonade.

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