September 03, 2010

Topaz Review of SoBe Lifewater

For this review, I tried the "black and blue berry" flavor of SoBe Lifewater.
SoBe Lifewater is a unique take on the "energy water" concept. Lifewater excels in taking some key points from other "energy water" beverages and applying creative twists (literally) to them. This can make for some similar drinking experiences, but at the same time, a completely new one. Something that really interests me about Lifewater is the ability to feel a lot like actual water, while still being an enjoyable fruity beverage to drink. More on that later. This was my FIRST ever experience with Lifewater.


The first thing I want to say about Lifewater's taste is wow. A lot of drinks have used the double fruit flavor tactic, which of course, opens up a world of opportunities for improvement. I have to say that while Lifewater does a fine job of improving, it does not amaze me. What DOES amaze me however, is how much they managed to make Lifewater taste like an actual blueberry. It's incredible when you take a sip, and immediately you recognize the flavor from fresh produce. Most natural blueberry flavor does not taste like the blueberries you would buy at the supermarket. The blueberry flavor is so accurate, that the aftertaste is intact, which could be taken as either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on personal preference. I was disappointed to find that I could not taste the blackberry so much, but I doubt it would have made the taste any better.


When you drink Lifewater you get the impression that it is actually water. Not only does it have the same basic flow when it runs down your mouth, but it has a watery complexion. I really enjoy drinking something that texture-wise is the equivalent of water, with a flavor to compete against foes such as Vitamin Water, Propel, and the like. (Reviews on these in the future?) In this case, watery is a good thing. The only complaint that I had with the texture, is that when you drink such a watery, delicious beverage, the flavor tends to muck up the back of your throat, and it creates some phlem. This could have something to do with the flavor I got. This is a minor gripe however, but it can get annoying. All in all, I'm fairly impressed.


When I first saw the bottle for Lifewater I was intrigued. It has such a pronounced overall feel, and recognizable traits to help with marketing. As you can see in the photo, the bottom of the bottle is very unique, sporting a spiral design. I really love the way that the geckos wrap around the corkscrew, and I am VERY impressed with the fonts and colors on the bottle. As you look down the bottle, the color turns from pure white, to a gradient matching the flavor of your drink, to total transparency. The plastic is extremely sturdy, and feels like you can abuse it all you want and not break it. Comparable to plexi-glass. I could not break this bottle if I tried. Overall I'm VERY impressed with the bottle.



I was happy with SoBe Lifewater, and very impressed with the natural blueberry flavor, as well as the ultra-creative bottle design. As something to drink that has zero calories, NO ASPARTAME, tastes fairly good, feels like water, and can deliver a satisfying experience, SoBe Lifewater succeeds.

TOTAL SCORE (not an average)

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