September 26, 2010

Zak Reel's Film Review: (500) Days Of Summer

Wow, (500) Days Of Summer. Okay, lemme start out by saying that it's "Boy meets girl, girl breaks guy's heart". But it's what happens in-between is just simply amazing. The story is about a guy named Tom Hansen who falls in love with a lady named Summer Finn, they have a relationship and it's about 500 days of the guy's life and what he goes through. The actors in this film are just simply amazing. You can feel the character's emotions through out the whole film. One other note from this film is the comedy, which is neatly done in a smart cute manner. The relationship between Summer and Tom is amazingly done and it actually seems like they were filming a real couple.

One thing I can relate to it is the relationship, I had a girlfriend of 6 months not to long ago, and it was very hard for me to get over her. I couldn't get over her because I though I was in love with her still and I wanted her back. I feel like I can relate to Tom onto this subject. But that's besides the whole point. What happens though in-between the 500 days is just simply magic. I have never seen a movie with this much thought put into the script, it was done so well, it's like the writers were in a relationship like that! (Oh wait, one of the writers based the movie on 2 relationships he had). Another thing to add that this was the first movie that made me want to cry, I have seen sad movies but this tops the cake. I have never ever in my life wanted to cry at a movie, but I shed 2 tears because of the emotion put through the characters.

Best film of 2009. 5/5

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