September 26, 2010

Zak Reel's Film Review: World's Greatest Dad

World's Greatest Dad is about Lance Clayton a teacher for a high school, his son Kyle is a total asshole to everyone and has one friend named Andrew. Lance's son Kyle doesn't respect him and is mean to him, one of the things he does on his free time is look at porn. He sometime chokes himself while looking at porn. Lance has a relationship with another teacher in the school building and she doesn't want the relationship to be public or anything. Well, one night while Lance was coming back from a date, his son accidentally killed himself while choking himself while looking at porn. And Lance writes his suicide note.

World's Greatest Dad is a good film, the jokes are placed in well. I have a complaint though about the film, I think that there could of been more jokes around the death satire. But it doesn't make it any worse than what it really is. The acting is pretty good, and the kid from Spy Kids plays as Kyle! How awesome is that? One thing I can note is that the character development is done well, you get to know the characters in a great manner, it explains how the characters react and feel at the same time. So if you like dark comedy's, be sure to check this film out.

Good film in all, could use some improvements. 3.5/5

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