September 25, 2010

Topaz Review of Fanta Strawberry

Fanta Strawberry Flavor

I was happily surprised by the strawberry variant of Fanta. I found that it had a very unique flavor, with the perfect amount of carbonation to favor it. Although, it can wear on you, making the experience less enjoyable as you drink it.

I have never tasted a soda with the kind of impact that Strawberry Fanta makes, with its unique strawberry taste. Well, I wouldn't call it strawberry exactly, becuase as you may know, artifical strawberry flavor tastes nothing like the fruit it was derived from. I have no problem with this in Fanta's situation however, as it wouldn't be Fanta if it was too real tasting. It is really hard to describe the flavor, as it is so original. After maybe ten minutes of this though, it starts to become redundant, and you don't feel like drinking it anymore. I personally felt a bit sick after 20 oz. of this stuff, which is definitley a bad sign. It could be because I'm not used to the flavor, but I doubt it.


Strawberry Fanta is really fizzy, which goes really well with its flavor. The carbonation seems to increase the intensity of the flavor to some degree. The fizzing sensation in your mouth is almost tickling, if you hold your sip for maybe two seconds. Again, I think that after a bit, it starts to get old though. It is fun while it lasts though.


The bottle that Fanta usually comes in has a normal sized bottom half, with the neck sporting the usual fanta design. Nothing too special here. I do like the art for the Fanta logo, and the strawberries next to it are obligatory. What I want to talk about here is the marketing. I thinkn that Fanta has one of the smartest marketing schemes ever devised. You take a few hot women, give them a catchy name that corresponds to the beverage, make them dance and sing, and BAM you have a profit. Very sly, marketing executives. Very sly.


I was content with Strawberry Fanta, but not impressed. The flavor does wear on you after a while, and the artifical-ness of it all is something that I dislike. Strawberry is not a flavor that is used in soft drinks all too often, so I give them Kudos for trying something different. Unfortunatley, it fell short.


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