December 06, 2010

Topaz Review of RC Cola

First, some history behind RC Cola.
Chero-Cola started production in 1905, and produced a number of beverages with the prefix "Royal Crown." They manufactured such drinkables as Royal Crown Ginger Ale, and Royal Crown Root-Beer. Finally, they decided to start making sense and changed the name of Chero-Cola to Royal Crown Cola, to go along with everything else they sold. That's quite funny in my opinion, I don't know why they didn't go with Royal Crown in the first place. But I digress.
There's a certain magic to be had when drinking a bottle of this delicious cola. You have a certain freedom, which can't be destroyed by the two beverage giants, Coke and Pepsi. RC is its own thing, and although it may be less popular, I believe that it is the best out of the three. You just can't get this sort of experience anywhere else.

RC has a very distinct flavor, and it leaves you craving just one more sip every time. Many people always ask, "Do you like Coke or Pepsi better?" My answer is always "Royal Crown all the way!" It has a real strong cola flavor that starts a bit bitter, but ends in a delicious sweetness that sends a wave of pure awesome through the mouth and down the esophagus.
RC has somewhat of an earthy flavor to it, which makes it seems more authentic in my eyes. Don't worry though, it's nothing major. In fact, it really complements the beverage, creating an interesting diversion from the normal cola taste, which in turn makes it taste even better.

Of course, being a cola, RC has a bubbly carbonation going on. Even better though, it has a sort of frothiness that makes it seem light. RC does go flat fairly though, which is something of a disappointment. RC does make up for this however with its lack of high-fructose corn syrup overload, which makes for a much smoother stream of liquid going down your throat. (Unlike Big Blue, which sports the exact opposite.) But another thing... It contains high-fructose corn syrup! I would have expected the glass bottle to use sugar, as it is with Coke and Pepsi, but I was wrong. RC isn't either of them, after all.

I bought the bottle pictured at the top of the post, which is glass. This I like, however I could have bought the plastic variant for much cheaper. As always, quality comes at a price. I like the way the bottle is designed, meaning the way the way the neck of it melds with the body. It's very streamlined and unique.
As for the logo, it's unexciting, but classic. RC Cola rarely changes their logo, and if they do it's always a minor change. Thumbs up to them for "Keeping it real," so to speak. But you don't buy RC Cola to look at the bottle, do you? (Well I do.) The twist-off metal bottle cap is definitely a nice touch.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings
RC Cola is more scarce than other brands, but if you can find it (Which I'm sure you can) it's definitely worth a go. RC Cola has much more to offer in terms of flavor, which is key. It doesn't matter much that the bottle is boring, really. Buy it for the taste, you wont regret it. If you do, get a job you lazy bum.


Thanks for reading.

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