December 05, 2010

Topaz BONUS Review of BIG BLUE

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If you don't live in the southern United States or Tahiti, you probably don't know about Big Blue, a curious little cream soda drink. The company that manufactures Big Blue is most famous for creating Big Red, the drink from which Big Blue was derived from. Seeing as I've never had the chance to consume a bottle of Big Red, there is no possible way for me to compare them. After some research, it seems as if Big Red tastes the same as Big Blue, with the only difference being the color. Once I get my hands on some Big Red I'll update you guys with a comparison.

Now some people say that Big Blue tastes like bubble gum, which is true to an extent. It's actually a cream soda with a bit of orange, but I would still classify it as a bubble gum flavor, seeing as it tastes almost identical to the artificial bubble gum flavor that we all know and adore. It makes me wonder whether or not this was what Big Red LTD was going for when they created the unique flavor.
It's a somewhat mild flavor, that has an odd bitter aftertaste, which does make some sense, seeing as bubble gum does have that feel to it.
Where's the market for bubble gum flavored soda?

Big Blue is riddled with high fructose corn syrup, and as a result has a very sticky feeling to it. For some reason it reminds me of a laundromat. Very obvious and non surprising sub par machine grade carbonation here, which is very boring I might add. Also, it goes flat in about a half hour.
Big Blue will leave your lips sticky, and by the time you wash them of it, it's flat.

Big Red LTD always takes a simple approach to their bottle art, usually only having a splash of whatever color the drink is under the title text. The font used is very boring and reminds me of generic laundry detergent. Something about this always reminds me of laundry for some reason.
Anyways, the art is very dull and tiring. It's just generic product text under a blue splash of liquid. Absolutely invigorating.

I didn't expect too much, and for good reason. Big Blue has some serious flaws, and I honestly can't think of a good reason to buy it again. Why is this so popular in the southern states? It makes no sense to me.
Big Blue has nothing to offer except for the altered cream soda flavor, which really isn't all that great in the first place.


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