April 12, 2011

Topaz BONUS Review of TEPACHE frumex Original Pineapple Cider

Holy bejeezus. This stuff is beyond belief. I mean whoa. Since this is a bonus review, It wont be as long, but I will make my main point clear; This stuff is extremely potent, and will in fact melt your face off. Right the fuck off. I mean, have you ever heard of a PINEAPPLE cider drink? I haven't until today, and let me tell you it is one of the best ideas I could have ever imagined. Just think, what if there's a Pina Colada flavor? That, my friends, would be awesome.


This is just so intense. You take a sip, and are immediately overwhelmed with an array of magical pineappleness; its not even too sweet, seeing as it's fermented. It has a very long lingering flavor, and can allow for hours of hindsight. You know what I mean.


Smooth carbonation, from a glass bottle. Very good. I assume that the carbonation is not artifical, as barley and yeast can actually form it. Also, there are no artificial substances in this beverage WHATSOEVER. Thats right. Oh yeah.


So good. I just want to stop writing and finish it!
Buy it if you can find it, but be warned, its not for everyone.