September 23, 2010

Topaz Review of Neuro: Bliss

I deeply apologize to the less than 20 regular viewers for the extreme lateness of this review.

Neuro Bliss is an interesting concept, you drink it, and it's supposed to make you happier, more focused, and feel good overall. I have to stress that this is not intended for small children, as if they drank it, they would most definitley go off the handle. Twice.

Neuro Bliss's flavor reminded me of squirt, with an almost chalky aftertaste. It's certainly an aquired taste, and since it makes you happy, the end justifies the means. Of course, Neuro is a supplement drink, so don't expect a wonderful flavor sensation, just expect it to taste alright, while reaching its goal.


Neuro's texture is fairly simple. it's lightly carbonated, but enough so that it's not watery at all. It's the perfect amount for this type of beverage. When you take a sip, you focus more on the flavor, and the texture is more of an afterthought. It won't bother you!


I love creative bottles, and I was super-excited when I saw the bottle that Neuro comes in. It looks like an old rocket, or maybe a lava-lamp. That sort of shape. The cap is the whole upper fourth of the bottle, which adds some awesome effect. The bottle is only 12 oz. I believe, but this is good, becuase Neuro is meant to be taken in small sessions, with a sip or two each time.


Neuro is fun to drink, because it makes you happy! It works for me, but I'm pretty sure that results vary from user to user. As you can probably tell from my 'Fentiman's' Review, I am somewhat of a lightweight, so it could just be me. Try it and see for yourself!


I also apologize for the briefness of this review. I have the attention span of a hummingbird today.

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