November 12, 2010

Topaz Review of Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry

Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry is a good alternative to the regular Cherry Pepsi, with only a few minor problems. If you're concerned about sugar intake, but still want to get the full taste of Cherry Pepsi, this may or may not be the beverage for you. The way it is put together is really a hit-or-miss; as in most diet drinks, Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry contains a good amount of aspartame, which can take away from an ideal beverage experience.

The first sip of Diet Wild Cherry did not taste like cherry for a few seconds, and instead I tasted regular Diet Pepsi. The cherry flavor sensation came though, and when it did I got what what I expected. This is the same cherry flavor you know and love, made with natural and artifical substances. If you have ever had any cherry sort of snack or candy, it is very similar to that. It isn't too strong of a flavor though, but just right.
Since this is a diet beverage, you can expect the same old taste of aspartame to invade your tastebuds the entire time. It is not worth getting diet at all, so if you don't want to drink sugar for any reason, just don't get diet soda! Aspartame can be worse for you.
A positive thing about the aspartame is that its flavor seems to complement the cherry flavor somehow. The downside is the aftertaste, which is a combination of the two.

Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry seems like it can be extremely fizzy at times, and extremely flat too. It's sort of like a mix of the two unviverses, with a flat fizz that rolls accross the cheeks, leaving nothing but confusion. There isn't too much carbonation, but what is there is harsh. It seems almost as if you can taste in between the bubbles. That's probably where I got my idea that it can be flat and fizzy at the same time. It is really weird, but unimpressive as well. I can never feel like I can take a big sip of it without something odd happening in my mouth.

When it comes to design, Pepsi usually goes for the smooth, clean look, rather than the information explosion you see a lot today. The can has a very simple design, with red slowly fading away from the top down. Since the Pepsi logo already has red on the top, this looks nice next to it. The words on the can that proclaim "Wild Cherry" are red, but towards the bottom, making for good contrast. While a flavor called "Wild Cherry" can seem gimmicky at times, I feel that there is no other way it can be. Why fix it if it ain't broke?

I feel that while the texture could have been way less confusing, and something besides aspartame could have been used, Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry is good. If the store is out of regular Pepsi Wild Cherry. Only use this as a fallback, and only then if you have an extreme craving for cherry flavor. Even then, you could just get Crush Cherry, which is a lot better I might add, although it is missing the cola component of Pepsi. That however, is another story.

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