May 30, 2011


I've been meaning to try Jolly Rancher soda for quite a while now, and I finally have the chance thanks to my local Kmart. At the top of the display was a sign that said 99cents each; and I thought to myself, "Nice." Actually it was my sister who pointed them out to me, suggesting I do a review. When I saw the display I literally freaked out; I had been looking for Jolly Rancher soda for months, and here it was in the Kmart. The flavor I decided to get was Watermelon, simply because that is my favorite flavor of Jolly Rancher Hard Candy. That's basically what this soda is; liquid Jolly Rancher candy. That's a good thing. ---

I took a small census of my immediate family and friends, and asked them whether or not they thought that my Jolly Rancher soda looked nasty. Most of them said "Yes." I don't exactly know why this is, as I thought it was freakin' delicious. One sip is a rush of the artificial watermelon flavor that Americans have grown to love. The entire time the beverage is on your tongue and throat you feel like you've been sucking on a watermelon Jolly Rancher all day, and gathered enough saliva to make a drink out of it. You know, minus the saliva. Maybe that example wasn't the best, but if you take the yuk factor out, it sounds extremely delicious.

Well, to be honest there isn't much to say about the texture of a carbonated soft drink flavored like hard candy. The carbonation is abundant, and it doesn't seem to go flat fast. It's just enough to tickle the throat without burning. Oh, and it can be somewhat sticky at times.

What I really loved about the design of the bottle was the fact that they used the original Jolly Rancher logo, rather than one made especially for the beverage. It lets people know what they're getting in to. Over the top of the Jolly Rancher logo there are some small words that say "Bold fruit flavor of Jolly Rancher Candy." I can say that this is just about 100% accurate. Watermelons decorate the wrapper like clouds in the sky. The color scheme is expected to say the least.

Final Thoughts
Jolly Rancher Watermelon was a fun drink. Having the feel of the candy is liquid form is especially trippy. A word to the wise however, this beverage is definitely not for everyone. The census I took proves this. If you like the candy, you will love the drink.

Final Score 60/100

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