May 23, 2011

Topaz Review of Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Figure A: The Awesomeness Uncut

It all started in Halloween 2004, I was trick-or-treating like any 9 year old would. One of our stops was the local mini-mart, where the new special edition Mountain Dew was on display. I immediately ran over to the promotional stand and started begging my father for one. He gave in, and I had myself a beverage that would not only improve Halloween significantly, but plant a seed in my mind, telling me, "This is it. You have to tell someone how good it is." So I did; but I only told my dad. I then looked at the bottle, "Limited Time Only!" My heart sank. Why must the best be withheld? Little did I know that next year, I would be enjoying an even better version of the same flavor, "Mountain Dew Pitch Black II." I was pleased, but still disappointed that II was also limited time only. Finally, six years later in 2011, I have had the chance to once again taste the original Pitch Black, thanks to the "Back by Popular DEWMand" Promotion. Here's my review:

There is a time in a beverage brand's life where the original is getting old, and the consumers are clamoring for a new taste. The response is usually something along similar lines, but also a lot different. A perfect example of this is the Mountain Dew brand. They knew that the regular green DEW was not enough, so they tried to mix it up a little with "Mountain Dew Red." Although this new flavor didn't go over very well, and later went on to being discontinued the same year it was released, the company was set on getting one right. Finally, in 2001, they hit the mark with the cleverly titled, "Mountain Dew Code Red." It received huge acclaim, and went on to being a key seller in the Mountain Dew family. This gave the Big Cheeses' at Pepsico. an idea to come out with another new flavor, but have it be limited time only for the Summer. This resulted in "Mountain Dew LiveWire." I wasn't too fond of this one, but apparently some were, and it progressed into becoming a permanent edition of Mountain Dew. Later still, in Halloween '04, Pepsico. went to make one of the best flavors to ever grace the market. You know which one I'm talking about.Mountain Dew Pitch Black's taste has a grape-ish tinge, but it's subtle enough that you taste the original DEW flavor in the pseudo 'background.' It's all a very sweetangy (a new word I invented) experience, which is unforgettable. Make an effort to taste this. (I apologize for the huge digression.)

The carbonation in Pitch Black seems a bit more dense than other iterations of DEW. Making for a heavier drinking experience, I feel that this isn't doing any harm to the integrity of the beverage. The beverage is somewhat sticky, but this is a small price to pay for deliciousness, and is easily avoidable if you're careful.

Pitch Black has probably the most creative logo design out of the entire Mountain Dew lineup. I say this because it has "Mtn" and "Dew" different colors. On top of this, the font for the "Pitch Black" words is extremely appropriate for Halloween, and sets a feeling of "Oh shit, this is some seriously haunting stuff, man." Whoever designed the logo deserves a thumbs-up and a pat on the back for sure.

Final Thoughts
After finally getting the chance to try some Pitch Black, I am extremely satisfied. I wonder though, when they discontinued it back in '04, did they save the 'recipe?' Or did they re-make it exactly the same? If they did save the 'recipe,' how is it stored? As a file on a computer? A program setting on the manufacturing machine? Written down on a piece of paper in a vault? Furthermore, what does the 'recipe' consist of?

Things to ponder.


Thank you.


  1. And now, to review a review.

    This review starts off with three parts digression, and one part review sprinkled with bias and a dash of praise toward the company in question. baked in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, frost heavily with moronic inquisitions. Serves the three people who actually read this blog. And don't forget kid: Everybody's a critic.

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