August 22, 2010

Topaz BONUS Review of Country Time lemonade

You can buy Country Time lemonade in either powder form, or pre-mixed. For this review, I drank the powdered kind.

Country Time lemonade is an easy alternative to squeezing your own, but it comes with some sacrifices. Since this is a powdered drink, there is an ingredient that is absent from Country Time lemonade. Lemons. Instead, we get lemon flavor, which can be a let-down if you want an authentic lemon experience. That said, the lemon flavor does an average job of recreating the taste. Another drawback of powder, is that sometimes you will taste the particles, or feel them run down your throat. This applies to all powdered drinks however.

I was a bit disappointed that the makers of Country Time decided to use high fructose corn syrup. It adds a unique flavor to drinks as opposed to regular sugar, which only sweetens. I personally believe that sugar-only tastes better. (Pepsi Throwback anyone?) It would have been easy to include sugar, all they would have had to do is add the correct amount to the powder.

Counrty Time lemonade is not very good for you. It has high fructose corn syrup, yellow dye, artifical flavor, citrates, and acids. There are no lemons to be found here. It doesn't taste like real lemons, and the corn syrup disrupts the flavor. Convienence comes at a price, but this is too big to pay.

Score: 40/100

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  1. Do you want me to do a review of your bonus reviews or do you want that to be your thing like vlogging will be my thing?

  2. Yes, the bonus reviews are my personal project alone, as is the vlogging yours.

  3. While the Country Time ingredients list says "artificial color", it does not list any artificial flavors or sweeteners, although of the natural flavors it does have, lemon is indeed NOT one of them. I'll leave the taste-testing to you.