March 18, 2011

Topaz Review of Sangría Señorial

This is the life, eh? Sitting on a nice chair outside, gazing at the blue ocean, sipping on a non-alcoholic Sangría beverage. Yeah, that's right, it exists; and not only is it real, it's delicious on a whole different level from any other beverage I've ever had. A regal display of flavor and texture, Sangría Señorial is unreal. On top of that, it comes in green glass! There's nothing quite like drinking a non-alcoholic Sangría Señorial from a green glass bottle. I dare you to find something quite like it. Sangría Señorial seems as if it's on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front.


We begin our journey in the land of flavor; the exquisite expanse of taste terrain. Sangría Señorial has a lovely landscape, in terms of deliciousness, of course. Let me take you on a tour of the region; the first section of the starting sip is one you will never forget. Riddled with the grape extremeness that you might have come to expect from Sangría, Sangría Señorial provides all the intense grapeness you could ever hope or dream for. As it goes on its merrily way across your tongue, you start to realize how awesome the potential for greatness Sangría Señorial has; and two seconds later you get the full realization. Sweetness is here, but the bitter-tang is the main attraction. It is on a mission to please your taste buds, and make them putty in its hands. It's a quest that many a hero has failed; but Sangría Señorial has succeeded..

99/100 - Oh yeah, it's that good.


The carbonation factor is irreplaceable; nothing compares to the exciting fizz action Sangría Señorial offers. Not to mention, the green glass bottle really helps the carbonation's cause. It feels smooth going down the esophagus, while appealing to the rest of the skull at the same time. A riveting experience, which can't be made possible without glass, Sangría Señorial is nothing to scoff at. When it's drunk, its speed is mach 5. The long, glass neck of the green bottle is very useful; preserving the carbonation's magic, it has the ability to make other grape beverages bow their heads in shame.

85/100 - Awww Right!

Bottle & Design

I've already said a lot about the bottle; such as the fact it's made of green glass, and that it has a thin, long neck. What I didn't say was how the wrapping complements the Sangría Señorial's color. The lining of the wrapper is silver colored, which shines, as the entire wrapper is glossy. The shining of the wrapper, along with the dark color of the beverage itself, makes for an extremely pleasing bottle to look at. As the logo at the top of this post shows, the grapes are there in an abstract sort of way. They fit the overall feel nicely. I think that if they were to be realistic grapes, it would hinder the main atmosphere Sangría Señorial projects quite a bit. All in all, very nice.

90/100 - Bring the shades, this drink is shining!

Final Thoughts

After spending some time with Sangría Señorial, I can honestly say that it is one of the best carbonated beverages I have ever tasted. I will spend my days looking for something comparable, but I'm afriad I wont. Sangría Señorial, you have left an impact on my live; I will stive to find some better carbonated beverage than you, but until then enjoy your spot on top. I'll be hunting relentlessly. Watch your back Sangría Señorial.

Overall Score - 95/100

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  1. Hey,glad you liked it. It's been a winner on my list since the 1976 vintage was issued. Thanks for the wonderful review--gonna go see if I can get some stock in the company!